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In March 2011, children all around the world sang for their friends in those countries who were experiencing many challenges especially those in Japan and Libya.

This year we sing for the magical children who have AUTISM and all children who are a lttle bit special. We want children to team up across the range of differences.So it you have a special friend or relative get together and SING!

With recent events in America we newly dedicate this year's sing around the world to the memory of the little children, the teachers and all their familes so grievously hurt by this tragedy.

This song was originally entitled "For the Children of America" after the events of 9/11. 

Danny Garner was a little lad in my Year 5 class near Manchester, England,with a very big heart. As his teacher I found it impossible to answer his searching questions on why humans sometimes want to hurt other humans in such unspeakably devastating ways. 

Not content with my inadequate answers he asked his mum to write a poem for The Children of America and Bev asked me to make it into a song that the children of our school could sing to express our feelings.

We subsequently changed the words to include all children of the world whose lives can so suddenly and tragically be ended or otherwise unexpectedly turned around.

Please comment adding the names of those whose memories you cherish to our 

Hands Across The Sky's Roll Call of the Angels.

With thanks to Danny Garner, Bev Bennett (both now of Perth W.A.), Liam Mills (soloist), the choir of Woodley Junior School, Stockport and Megan Cope for thinking of the new title.

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