Hands Across The Sky 


                                                                                                   HAPPY HOUR        -          Linking with the Global Shift Network 2012

12 - 1pm on 22nd December 2012

The focus for this year's extra special sing-around-the-world event is for children who have AUTISM - and all their friends who are extra special in many ways.

We celebrate on December 22nd as many of us are celebrating on this day a new era of joyous awareness of our diversity and our connection, 

of individuality and togetherness, of love, happiness and understanding.


At the end of your hour, when it is 1pm where you are, call your partner school in the next time zone to say

 "Hello and enjoy your Happy Hour".

We’ll hold hands across the sky,

     Let’s hold hands now you and I,

Then our hearts will learn to fly

     And our friendship never die.

 An invitation from Lynne Edwards to join us in  2012's
    24-hour Whole World Singing Assembly  as we hold
Hands Across the Sky 
  Wrap our World in 24 hours of Song

The day >>> Saturday 22nd December 2012

The time >>> 12 noon

The place >>>Your own city, town, village, school or home

   Are you a child? Do you have a child? Do you teach a child? Have you ever been a child?

  If the answer to any of these questions is 
                              " YES"     
        then this project belongs to YOU!

  And a special welcome to you if the magic of a child with autism or any other special quality who touches your life.

             " Harrison! Harrison! 

         A joy beyond comparison."

What is  and why are you involved?

On Saturday 22nd December 2012 all the children in the world are invited to wrap the world in 24 hours of song.
So, if you are a child, are related to a child or teach a child, you can be part of this.

How will children "Wrap the World in 24 Hours of Song"?

At 12 noon children in cities, towns, villages and families in each of the 24 Time Zones around the world will gather sing for one hour.
You can sing and dance and make music and enjoy yourselves anyway you wish.
That's all there is to it!
That's all you have to do!


          The day >>> Saturday 22nd December 2012

  The time >>> 12 noon

                The place >>>Your own city, town, village, school or home


For the fun of it! To become aware of that we have friends like us all over the world.

It will be fun to become aware of our own Time Zone: to think that the sun is high above other people too at the same time from the north to the south and that they are celebrating their day just like we are - with a song.

             And it will also be fun knowing we are passing on the singing just like a Mexican wave (Hola Mexico!), right around the world.

How does a "24-hour Whole World Singing Assembly" work?

It starts with the children in Time Zone 0 in the Line Islands who will be first to have midday. At 12 noon they will begin an hour of singing and dancing, at the end of which the children in the next Time Zone will be starting their singing, it being 12 noon where they are. 

Simple! Right around the world. For one whole day!

But why 22nd December? 

Since 2009 Kirra International has organised sing-around-the-world days on the Equinoxes - 22nd September and 21st March the time when day and night are of equal length on either side of the world.

This year we are celebrating the Solstice ( Winter in the Northern hemisphere and Summer in the Southern hemisphere).

We are joining with many others who wish to celebrate the world's birthday - the beginning of a new era of joy and appreciation on our beautiful and abundant planet earth, a day when we rejoice in the glorious diversity and endless creativity of its people.


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